We Are Love Cacao

We Are Love Ritual & Cacao Ceremony with Amisha Ghadiali

SATURDAY | 15:15 – 16:45 | SOUL | £20

Join us for a beautiful and powerful cacao ceremony to connect deep into our heart space with the medicine of Cacao. The ritual will honour the waning full moon inviting us to connect deeper with our souls at this potent moment.

This will be held by “all that we are” host & facilitator Amisha Ghadiali, who will guide us through a process of releasing through gentle movement and breath, and then into a beautiful energetic energetic process of planting new seeds and expanding into more of our true potential.

One of the reasons that Cacao has become so popular is that it is a really good medicine of our times, supporting with stress reduction by releasing endorphins that act as our bodies natural anti-depressant. As well as nootropic benefits that support the brain, cognition, and mood.

This will be a sweet and uplifting experience, and all are welcome.

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