We are Nature

We are Nature – Rewilding Yourself: a panel discussion hosted by Amisha Ghadiali

Sunday 14:00 – 15:30 | MIND

We invite you to join us for this special panel discussion on rewilding ourselves. Drawing on the theme of We Are Nature, you will hear from our inspiring panel Bruce Parry, Charlotte Pulver, Meesh Deeny, Melanie Kelay and Helene Su speak to their journeys and experiences of letting go of some of the chains of modern living, and discovering their wild nature. This session will be hosted by Amisha Ghadiali from the acclaimed “all that we are” podcast. 

We invite you to reconnect with the wisdom of nature. To celebrate the interconnection of all living beings and our planet’s beauty and abundance. To recognise the importance of re-rooting, grounding and opening ourselves to the frequencies, intelligence and infinite potential of life.

We take inspiration from nature’s resilience, the gifts of her cycles and the wisdoms therein. We are all in perpetual cycle, learning and growing through endless spirals, each bringing new beginnings and new life – a steely spark of potential, like the pine cone after a forest fire. Through the rhythm of her cycles, nature teaches us the power of transformation.

In these challenging times, we find great medicine in nature. The wisdom to heal, regenerate and transform our living story.

Last year ‘all that we are’ (formally known as The Future Is Beautiful) collaborated with Noisily to host a We are Nature day event with a guided pilgrimage and powerful panel discussion – listen to the podcast with Amisha, Bruce and Charlotte here

More on your host and speakers

Amisha Ghadiali is host of the globally acclaimed podcast ‘all that we are’. – that explores the weave between activism, the sacred, creativity and regeneration. 

She is the author of Intuition and The Future Is Beautiful. She is an experienced facilitator and has a gift of bringing people into connection with themselves, each other and the earth. She offers Beautiful Leadership mentoring which is one to one work that combines the transformation of deep seated patterns, trauma release and the embodiment of your soul’s calling. She creates brave, tender and inclusive spaces for our hearts unfolding, healing and embrace of our wildness.

Charlotte Pulver is a modern day alchemist and change maker, born into the Pulver lineage of Apothecarians. She has a background in natural healthcare, studying and practising various medical systems of healing for 20+ years, whilst her love is rooted in making medicines for people which she sells through ‘Pulver’s Apothecary’ which she will also be bringing to the area on Saturday and Sunday.

She has been hosting water ceremonies and pilgrimages for many years, is currently writing a book on London’s springs and wells, and helped co-found The Fellowship of the Spring, a group championing water guardianship in the British Isles.

Bruce Parry is best known for his award winning documentaries which followed him living with and learning from remote indigenous peoples around the world. Other series followed him visiting peoples struggling with the effects of globalisation and climate change and the part we all play in these events.  These experiences led him to leave the BBC and direct a feature documentary about humankind’s loss of connection to nature and the effect this is having globally. He has been deeply effected by his travels and is now trying to put into practice some of the lessons he learned over the years, especially influenced by the few remaining egalitarian tribes he has been lucky to meet. He currently lives in Wales.

Meesh Denny is an Energetic, Somatic Practitioner & Artist. She works with the body and body energetics to bring regulation to the nervous system as well as bringing guidance that allows old wounding, conditioning, beliefs, patterns to be physically and emotionally changed. She spent 13 years of her career working in private practice as a Chiropractor, using mostly Network Spinal Analysis- an energetic light touch technique that creates deep myofascial and therefore, emotional change – alongside Kinesiology, nutritional support and intuitive guidance.

She blends this nearly 2 decades of experience as a practitioner with her intuitive, soft approach, to create sessions that allow a deep letting go within the nervous system, the emotional system and the subconscious mind. Outside of her role as a guide she is a singer and vocal artist, creating meditations, vocal soundscapes and soulful, ancestrally inspired music rooted in her African American and Celtic lineage.

Melanie Kalay is a multi-disciplinary artist, healer & visionary working with the elements of sound, music and movement. Her work weaves techniques and flavours inspired by lineages from Egypt, Tibet, India and ancient Aztec and Mayan cultures, learnings that have been transforming and enriching lives for thousands of years. She formed The Sensory Alchemists, a collective a group of Black/brown, queer and marginalised wellness and creative practitioners, with the intention honouring trauma and grief to bringing joy and pleasure back into our bodies; and changing the face of the wellness industry to create spaces for those that have in the past felt excluded. They practice radical inclusion and exclusion, as well as the decolonisation of yoga and other wellness practices.

Her work invites us to remember organic fluidity and structures of nature, raising vibrations through all the senses to leave you feeling more connected to the Earth, yourself and eachother.

Helene Su is a Dance and Transformational Facilitator, and her work is an invitation for us to remember who we are. Informed by Somatic Movement Education, Classical Dance, Yoga, Subtle Body Energetics, the Tao and the Therapeutic Arts, she has created Niio (New Integrated and Inspired Openings) Dance to empower us to find our authentic, true selves; to be in tune with our body and in flow in our life. In Taoist belief we are like waves in the ocean – there is an essential oneness between us and the world and much of her practice and teachings are informed by nature, dancing with the elements, with the trees, under vast skies.

Her parents are from Hong Kong and China, and as a child growing up in England, she grew up feeling like a misfit, like she didn’t belong, seeking identity. Through dance and nature immersion she has discovered a deep sense of presence and belonging, a journey of freedom and flow that connects our inner realms to our outer world. She shares talks and workshops throughout Europe with the intention of seeding this journey of returning to our bodily intelligence, full vibrant health and joy.