Why we need trees to heal the planet

Why we need trees to heal the planet with Richard Tennant-Eyles, Woodland Trust

The talk will begin by looking at how important trees are for wildlife and people, for our physical and mental wellbeing, and how they form part of a woodland superorganism. 

We’ll learn how the ‘tree landscape’ has changed through human intervention and how we have lost our connection with woodland and trees, wrapping up by looking into what we can do to protect the woodland we still have and support our trees in the future. 

At the end we’ll take a walk in the woods and share tree stories.

Richard is a volunteer speaker for the Woodland Trust. He works with Oxford Friends of the Earth as part of their Oxtrees campaign and has been responsible for several tree planting activities. Richard  also manages a 25 acre biodiverse woodland.www.woodlandtrust.org.uk