Yoga & Sound

Yoga & Sound with Jenna Alexandria

Saturday 9:00 – 10:15 | BODY

Trained as a Quantum Yoga teacher Jenna uses the lens of Ayurveda to balance exacerbations of the doshas (mind body constitution) through different vinyasa sequencing, breath and meditation.
Beginning the practice with breath to arrive into the space, before flowing through a movement practise to help warm up the body. The movement and breath combined helps to prepare the body for receiving healing frequencies of sound, which will shift anything that is ready to be released. The practise will leave you feeling grounded, aligned and relaxed – a magical start to your Saturday!

Jenna is a psychotherapist, sound healer and Quantum Yoga teacher. Through her understanding of the mind, body and soul she weaves together a mixture of modalities to aid in releasing tension, & energy blockages in the body. Her holistic approach allows her to tailor make each session, whether with individuals or groups, to the specific needs of her clients.

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