More for your Mind, Body and Soul : Must Sees Across Site

As some 1000+ crew descend on site for the 8th build for Noisily, the woods are once again a hive of activity as structures rise from the forest floor towards the canopy above. 

The Mind Body Soul area, now in its 4th year at Noisily and half the age of the festival itself, has continued to grow organically as our festival family grows year on year with many beautiful offerings & new spaces to explore.  

We are excited to announce that we have made the decision to move the Mind Body Soul into the woods, having opened a stunning new area which we have spent the year clearing and cultivating. In doing so the team have created a truly stunning space amongst the trees where you can meander, explore and stumble across a plethora of healing modalities, talks, workshops and more. 

In the spirit of non-duality, we are keen to integrate the Mind Body Soul attractions in the main arena, and have some incredible artists and healers bringing their skills to the forest floor. 

Here are some of the things you’ve got to look forward to next weekend. 

Noisily Stage Sound Healing

Sonic Enchantment with Fabio Garces – Shamanic Sound Journey, Sunday 10 – 11am

Sound maestro Fabio Garces brings Sonic Enchantment to the Noisily Stage, taking you on a deep shamanic sound journey through our enormous Funktion One Sound System, with the 32 inch bass bins offering a breadth of frequencies allowing you to reconnect, rebalance & float off into Sunday.

Prepare to connect with the Earth, our inherent nature and the wisdom that is available to us in this deep intuitive place within. For this special session on the main stage sound system there will be a focus on Amplifying natural Earth frequencies and incorporating shamanic sound principles used in South American plant medicine ceremonies.

Sonic Enchantment integrates a mixture of old world and new world technology, the performance fuses underground electronica, binaural frequencies, hypnotic melodies, ethereal soundscapes and ancient sacred sounds. The resulting effect serves to create personal experiences that span a wide range of transformative benefits such as restoration and the re-emergence of balance and inner calm. Definitely an experience you don’t want to miss, and a perfect way to kick off our last day at the festival. See you Sunday morning.

Breathpod Presents Modul 7, Saturday 10 – 11:30am

Breathpod founder teams up with Techno wizard John Monkmon again to craft a fully immersive breath & sound experience – conscious connected breath with a live set designed to activate energies, root to crown. 

Inside the Nooks of our Mind Body Soul 

Moving into the woods have given us more opportunity to connect with nature, absorbing the energy of the woodland we are privileged to call home. In amongst the trees of Mind Body Soul you’ll stumble across the following…

Free Movement with Flo from Embodied Balance

The founder of our Mind Body Soul area, Flo Cannon-Audley is offering free “free movement” sessions on Thursday at 6pm, and Friday afternoon at 3pm.

Feel free and let your body flow. Tune into the internal physical experience of movement and shake out all the kinks before you hit the dance floors. 

This free movement exercise taps into the felt sense of the physical being to reveal the innate wisdom of the body, encouraging you to be your greatest ally and teacher. Cultivate moment to moment presence with movement and music.

Daily Qi Going with Naemma, Shakura & Thorayya

Join Naemma, Shakura & Thorayya for this ancient form of healing meditation to connect into ourselves, all the beautiful nature around us and the cosmos. Balance & harmonise in the woods at 12pm daily throughout the weekend. 

Qigong, a healing form of moving meditation drawing on the four thousand year heritage of Qigong, recalibrated for our contemporary times by Dr Pang Ming to bring re-alignment with nature as the world around us rapidly changes in the anthropocene era. 

It unifies mind, body and soul – strengthening, healing and harmonising the connections between the different aspects of ourselves internally, and the connections between us in our respective communities and societies, and with all of nature and the cosmos itself. It is profoundly nourishing and brings deep inner peace.

International Hunyuan Qi therapists Naeema Hales, Shakura Meddings and Thorayya Mears study directly under Master Yuantong Liu in China who has been studying and teaching Zhineng Qigong for over forty years and has been taught directly by Grandmaster Dr Pang Ming.


Bringing their unique flavour & creativity to Noisily, Unami will be offering different performances & rituals each day, inviting you to connect & join in weaving meaningful magic in the woods together.

Satellite Venues – New Spots to Discover Amongst the Trees

Hypnosis Lounge

With an extensive menu of meditations, hypnosis recordings and PowerNaps, John & Heloise invite you to come on a journey of positive healing and transformation through carefully chosen sessions for you. 

The Hypnosis Lounge: is a space for shedding the limiting beliefs, masks and layers that keep us from living our authentic connected lives.

With an extensive menu of meditations, hypnosis recordings and PowerNaps… 

We’ll help you choose the session that’s right for you: relaxation, creativity, flow states, letting go of stress, setting goals, empowering habits, gratitude… and more, whatever it is you want.

Come join us, experience mental and spiritual transformation. Enhanced well-being through the relaxing medium of hypnosis and guided meditations for FREE.

All inside a tranquil and peaceful environment where you can sit back, slip of a pair of headphones and come on a journey of positive healing and transformation.

Welcome to the Hypnosis Lounge!

The Herbal Recuperation Station

All are welcome to join for a range of herbal teas, sensory immersion, workshops, storytelling & ceremonies; recuperate, make your own blends, indulge your senses or even bring an instrument to join the fun! 

Come and recuperate with our specially formulated teas to help you through a number of problems such as; Hangovers, period pain, nausea or even just to give you an energising cacao boost! Our theatrical witches with host you with a variety of interesting workshops, storytelling and tea ceremonies! This year we will be working on special sensory rooms where you can taste, touch and smell the different herbs, creating an exciting learning environment for all ages! Feel free to jam and bring instruments, all are welcome!

Psychedelic Colouring Tent

Come and join us in the Psychedelic Colouring Tent for a free colouring sheet and let your creativity flow with pencils, glitter pens and markers for as little or as long as you like. Float away into psychedelic inkscapes, rest, recharge and leave your worries behind!

We are passionate about spreading the message about safe and appropriate psychedelic use and Jessica is the writer and illustrator of the Psychedelic Harm Reduction Colouring Book.

Earth Mamma Essential Oils Lounge 

Immerse yourself in the world of therapeutic grade essential oils to learn, share & explore pure plant power with Introduction & ‘Make & Take’ workshops running all weekend.

Learn how they can be used safely and efficiently to support our body. Pick up simple natural solutions to ease ailments, settle symptoms and enhance our well-being.

Leave empowered with a wealth of information of how you can integrate oils into your lifestyle and reduce toxicity in your home.

Join Paulina & her team for a host of workshops over the weekend; create your own bespoke blends or just pop in to explore & enjoy their magical aromas. Lean into your senses & experience the power of natural healing.

Running throughout the weekend:

Intro Class Workshop: An introduction to the physical and emotional benefits of using essential oils for our health and well-being. Book HERE.

Make & Take Workshop: Fancy a more hands-on, crafty approach? Enjoy a shortened version of the introduction class PLUS each guest chooses an item to make and take home. Book HERE.

FREE – AromaTouch hand massages will be offered by advanced booking only

Sacred Fire

Nestled away in the Mind Body Soul, the Sacred Fire will be lit at our Opening Ceremony at 9pm Thursday evening, and be kept alight for the duration of the festival by our wonderful team of fire keepers from the Craft Tipi.

Come huddle, tell stories & bring an instrument for fireside jams – all are welcome. 

Mind, Beats, Soul 

Follow your ears for live & alternative beats coming up in the top woods & campsite.

Future of Living 

Evenings curated by And What London


Join the Shanti’s crew in the main campsite for delicious food, live world music, performance, spoken word and all round vibes.

A collective of chefs, artists and musicians based in Sheffield, Shanti’s mission is to bring fresh flavours and future music from around the universe to the forests and fields of the UK.

We’re pulling out the stops to bring you a globetrotting, space age extravaganza of cultures from this planet and beyond! Featuring obscure late-night cinema, eclectic DJs and mind-warping live acts, we’re also bringing our brand new fusion menu, and will be hosting a variety of talks and workshops throughout the weekend.