The Noisily Stage

Flagship of the festival, gives equal standing to Techno and House legends alongside a host of up and coming artists from around the world. Epic laser shows, monumental pyramids and geometric triangles surround the dance floor, whilst quadraphonic sound encompasses the blissed up ravers.

The Liquid Stage

The undisputed UK Psy Trance Mecca. Artists from far flung corners of the planet come together each July, playing to a dance floor that is comfortably full from the moment it opens to the second it shuts. The beautiful stage set is added to every year, as the evolution of this hallowed floor continues.

The Treehouse Stage

The original artifact and Noisily’s first ever stage when we opened in 2012, The Treehouse is home to bass music. 2019 sees some of the world’s leading DnB, Glitch Hop and Neuro artists laying down tracks like never before, with a vantage point at the top of the festival site.

Noisily Festival 2018 © Photography by Sammy Leigh Scholl

The Leisure Centre

An apocalyptic thrustathon the likes of which we’ve never seen. Smoke hangs heavy in the air as aggressive basslines rip through the haze. This is the belly of the beast, the brutal undercarriage of an otherwise unassuming soundtrack, sucking punters in like moths to a flame, before dispatching them with a pure disregard for anything at all.


The Parliament of Funk

Noisily’s newest addition, The Parliament of Funk is home to happy music. The kind of upbeat Disco, Funk and Soul that has you grooving round your living room in your underwear, except that this time you’re in a beautiful woodland surrounded by wonderful people! (Underwear optional.)