My Cause UK Stewarding Applications are OPEN

Noisily joined forces with the miraculous My Cause UK a couple of years ago, and what a relationship it has been! Through our partnership we have raised £4,000 raised for charities our volunteers have chosen such as Mind, Psy-Care UK, Rethink Mental Illness, WWF, War Child, Water Aid & many more.

The highest donation of 2018 was to our Psychedelic Welfare team, PsyCare UK, topping £1,000. No one at Noisily was more richly deserving of this, so we extend our thanks to one and all who made this possible.

Volunteer for free at Noisily with @mycauseuk and join their festival volunteering revolution! It’s simple – you join their team, you pick a charity you are passionate about – and then after your shifts, My Cause UK will make a donation to your chosen cause. Learn more about how it works here:

To Volunteer with My Cause UK, head HERE.

We could wax lyrical about how much we love My Cause UK, but we thought it may be better to hear direct from one of their volunteers at Noisily 2018 instead…


How did you hear about My Cause UK?

I heard about My Cause UK on the back end of my second year at uni, just trawling through my emails and somehow stumbled upon it.


Can you tell us a bit more about why you chose to nominate Water Aid? & why is this cause important to you?

Though the idea of volunteering at a festival wasn’t new to me, it was something I have never done before. So immediately, I asked my best friend to join me, and fast forward three weeks later, I had an amazing time at Noisily with many new friends, and treasured memories!

Everyone who knows me well, will definitely know me as the person who’s pro-green and frequently filling their Facebook feeds with environment-related posts. I also hold the unfortunate circumstances that people in some parts of the world close to my heart; it’s just not fair on them and something as “basic” as access to clean water in the western world/developed countries is sadly a luxury to those living in Africa for example.

Their lives are greatly affected by these circumstances, whether that be frequent illness from drinking dirty water or having to travel long distances to reach a source of water. I hope to help them through my donation, however small my contributions may be.   


What did you enjoy about volunteering at Noisily Festival with My Cause UK? Are there any highlights you can share?

Volunteering at festival can be very different from going there simply as an enjoyer (although this is not to say that it wasn’t, because I had a lot of fun!). I think the community and the My Cause family so to speak was an amazing bunch of people who all knew what a good balance of fun and work is. So that helped massively. I volunteered twice this past summer, at Noisily and at Boomtown, both were simply amazing. I would say one particular highlight was the end of Noisily festival, when the venue was only opened to staff, and we all shared a few rounds and looked back at how this gem of a festival all happened because of our hard work. My first shift was at the entrance of the site, greeting people as they came through the gates, I can tell you my smile never left my face. Because as far as I know, the festival spirit begins with happy and joyous staff!


Do you think festival volunteering is something that more people could benefit from, and if so, what could they get from it?

What particularly drew me to My Cause UK was the freedom to choose which charity we would like to nominate. Granted, this summer I was in a situation where I had no plans yet but despite that, it was definitely a good way to have a great summer whilst doing something for a charity of your choice. I think it made me appreciate how much effort it can be to run a small festival such as Noisily, let alone something as big as Glastonbury.

I have spoken to many friends about my summer with My Cause UK, and they all think that it’s a good system. I even got two to join me in the summer, and suffice to say, I shall be looking forward to the festival season and finding more people to come volunteer with me.

You end up seeing some familiar faces every festival so it’s definitely a good way to make cool friends and keep in touch. Honestly a massive hug and thanks to all the wonderful people I met during my summer with My Cause UK, you guys made my summer!   


Nicholas Liu, My Cause UK Volunteer at Noisily 2018