Noisily 2021: Important Update

Noisily 2021 Event Update

Dearest Noisily Family,

It is with heavy heavy hearts that we write this message. Today’s announcement was the one that we dreaded – a delay to the release from Covid restrictions. The woods and fields in which Noisily takes place are a part of a working farm, meaning that there is no scope to delay until later in the summer, which means that Noisily 2021 cannot go ahead.

All tickets will be automatically rolled over to 2022’s event (7th -10th of July 2022.)

Refunds will be available in your Ticketsellers account for those who need them, but once again, we ask that you support us by keeping a hold of your ticket so that we can continue to plan 2022 in confidence.

We know how gutting this is for you all, we needed that soul food of meeting in the woods once again, and after pouring our heart and soul into the event on a wing and a prayer – hoping against hope – to have all of that dashed again is beyond devastating.

But we must all get back up again, dust ourselves off and please know that in 2022, Noisily will come back stronger than ever.

We love you and we will see you in the woods again!


The Noisily Team