Noisily 2023 Update

Dear Noisily Family,

You may or may not be aware that festivals across the board in the UK are struggling to sell tickets.

We’re all feeling the pinch, and with less money in pockets, it seems our cherished scene is one of the first things to suffer, leaving our rich festival culture out in the cold.

The irony is that what we need most in these challenging times is human connection, and we believe wholeheartedly that Noisily is the antidote.

Ask yourself what you really need? What do you really need to feel whole and connected again?

Remember how it felt to be back in the woods, with your family?

“There’s no comparison, this is the most close knit, friendly group of people you could possibly imagine.”

“It’s like the family who you were always looking for and never quite found”

“It makes me feel myself, more than anywhere else in the world”

With 42 days until we meet for our 10th Birthday in our new home of Barkestone Woods we are moving forward with our plans, and guarantee, in true Noisily form, that it’s going to be a Serious Fucking Party.

What we need is to know you’re with us. We need you to buy a ticket now, not next month – NOW – so we can hear our Noisily family saying… “We will be there – and it’s going to be EPIC”

With love, gratitude and respect,

The Noisily Team xxx