Noisily City Lights comes to London on April 29th.

“Something is stirring deep in the heart of our sprawling capital. The dull thud of bass, the unmistakable sound of laughter, a tangible feeling of love so familiar, yet so estranged, as our tribe reunites after more than two years apart.”

We are bringing the wonderful World of Noisily to London for one night only on April 29th 2022, marrying the bright lights of the big city with the awe inspiring magic of Noisily, creating an immersive experience far beyond the music. 

There will be a smorgasbord of cutting edge beats married with a myriad of artwork and performance, as we aim to combine the very best aspects from the Coney Woods with one of the greatest metropolises on the planet ahead of our return to the woods in July 2022.  See you in the city!