Noisily Favourite Techno Acts

Over the years we’ve welcomed so many incredible acts to the Noisily stage, and as we plough ahead into 2021 we thought we’d take a fond look back at some of our all time favourites. 

Stephan Bodzin

Not long after the release of his second studio album ‘Powers of Ten’, and not long before the same release catapulted him into Techno superstardom and out of our reach, Stephan joined us in the Coney Woods. What a set it was! A consummate professional and performer, equipped with light saber midi controller, he is a no brainer for one of our all time favourite sets at Noisily. 


Full power, deep and intelligent Techno, ANNA was a coup for us before she too climbed the ranks to Techno superpower. 

Acid Pauli

One of the first times we experimented with a long journey set at the Noisily Stage on Sunday, and it paid great dividends as Acid Pauli and his unmistakable brand of down tempo, beautifully crafted music kept the dance floor alive for over 3 hours. 

Boris Brejcha 

The one that got away, Boris was due to play Noisily many years ago, but fell ill and couldn’t make it. We were absolutely gutted and hope that one day maybe he’ll pay us a visit…

Beth Lydi

A recent addition to the Noisily family, Beth joined us in 2019 with gusto and aplomb. She loved it so much she was due to come back in 2020 for a Techno duet with Andreas Henneberg, another favourite of ours. Fortunately they have penned us in for 2021, and we couldn’t be happier.

Alex Stein

Alex has played for us a couple of times now at Noisily, and for good reason. His brand of Brazlilian chunk is music to everyone’s ears. High energy, bass face inducing, squelchy, delicious, iconic and highly agreeable. 

D-Nox & Beckers

Old faves, of, well, everyone. D-Nox & Beckers are always just so happy to be here, so grateful to be invited, and so forthcoming with tune after tune after tune of bangers. They’ll be back with us in the future for sure, and in 2021 Frank Beckers will be joining us as one half of Franky & Sandrino. Yes please!

Peter Groskreutz

New for 2021, Peter Groskreutz dissolves the line between Techno and Psychedelic, with a deep, progressive, leading sound that we challenge anyone not to get lost in. You can accept that challenge at Noisily 2021, where he’ll be taking the night time shift on Saturday. 


In year one of Noisily in 2012 we had very little idea of what we were doing, although in booking our headliner Matador most certainly struck gold. Now beyond the realms of fathomable possibility for our humble purse, back then his star was on the up and rather smugly we got in there whilst the iron was hot. Well done us! Well done him! 

Oliver Koletzki

Hands down the best closing set we’ve seen at Noisily in our 9 year history, Koletzki moulded the crowd with tuna sandwich after tuna sandwich before signing off in a cloud of confetti ahead of John Farnham’s “You’re The Voice”. Definitely one of the greatest moments in Noisily’s history. 

Domnik Eulberg

Bird watching enthusiast and Techno aficionado, Eulberg’s sets are unpredictable, yet predictably brilliant. Not only did we get to see him take to the wheels, but then he joined forces with Gabriel Ananda to bring us home. Happy days!