Noisily Festival 2017 is Open!

Dear Friends of Noisily, 

When our gates closed for the fifth time in July 2016, we were humbled and overwhelmed by the love everyone expressed. It radiated out through those who journeyed to the Coney Woods, as the passionate vibrations resonated amongst all those who joined us here in our little patch of paradise.

A year has passed and our growing team have been pouring the very best parts of themselves into making this Noisily, our 6th, an inclusive haven for each and every one of you. We hope that in providing a space to connect, to be free, to truly be yourselves, that you will leave the woods on Monday feeling invigorated and inspired, and probably a little sleepy.

And so! The sound systems are in place, the lights are illuminating the canopy. Generators are purring in the undergrowth, whilst around them works of art and visions realised are growing up and around the trees that call these woods home.

We can’t thank you enough for your support, and feel it’s important to say that Noisily is and always will be an independent festival. We are a collection of humans who share a common goal – to create and share our personal realities on a level plain. To design a space with the invaluable aid of nature, which welcomes everyone irrespective. A place of unity in a world racked by uncertainty, where relationships are forged in hyperdrive, to the sweet synthetic sound track of world class Electronic music.

Noisily is a celebration of life, of connection, of humanity and nature.

Love and Light.

The Noisily Team