Noisily Festival Announces a New Stage: The Stove

Noisily Festival Announces a New Stage: The Stove 🎛️

We are pleased to announce the coming of new stage ‘The Stove’ to Noisily 2023…

The home of Grilled House, this brand new stage will sit amongst our new food trader area, and will allow you to unwind to the latest Pan-American beats as the latest DJ’s from the grilled house scene cook up a casserole of musical flavours right before your eyes.

While you knock back a pizza or indulge in the latest Mac & Cheese combinations, ‘The Stove’, which we banned from being in our own campsite due to potential noise complaints, will deliver a plethora of world class acts just to left of the Italian Kitchen and right round the corner from Burger Theory.

We are pleased to announce that the legendary Honduran combo ‘Dj Can-Opener’ & ‘Stock Pot’ will be performing an exclusive back 2 back set on the Friday lunchtime as we bring Grilled House to the UK for the first time in what is a first for Noisily as we break a new underground scene, and put Leicestershire on the global dance music map once again with our explorative meanderings.