Noisily Flips on it’s Head

As the festival has grown gradually each year, so the layout has been changed and added to. In 2016 we had general camping and boutique on one side of Coney Woods, with overflow and camper vans on the other. This year, we have made the decision to keep everyone together, and in doing so have moved camping in it’s entirety to the other side of the woods. 

The field is double the size of our old camp site, and benefits from an even better view than in previous years, which stretches miles towards the South, and doesn’t include a single building as far as the eye can see!

As a result of this shift, the entrance to the festival has now moved, and revellers will descend into the woods via a beautiful new staircase we have built, emerging at the South end of the drag to the Liquid Stage. In previous years the Noisily Stage has been the first one people reach on site, where this year, it will be the destination stage at the far end of the public arena. But rest assured those extra steps will be rewarded with an incredible new lighting installation above the stage, including an astonishing 5,000 individual LED’s, and a line up of international Techno talent from across the globe.