Noisily Love Story Competition Winner

Congratulations to Joaquin Martin, who opened up his big fat Noisily heart and shared his heart warming Noisily love story, and in doing so has won our Valentine’s Day competition. A ticket is coming your way sir! 

Here is his story below to warm your cockles as Spring approaches:

Aneta and Contra’s Love story….

Our love story started in Warsaw in February 2017. We met and everything went good and fast, but by summer one issue had to be addressed… can she handle a psytrance festival? My english friends told me about Noisily, and we decided to give it a try. We went there and guess what, she loved it!! The ambience and good vibes made her really comfortable and we enjoyed it so much…. as my friend said, once we confirmed she could handle it, it was “nail, coffin… bang!” 

Noisily played such a pivotal moment in our lives, that next year, as we were planning our wedding, we decided to have a “psytrance wedding” at the festival. A bunch of friends came from Australia, Poland, Spain, England and the USA to celebrate with us. We told the team we were doing it and your camera crew came to shoot it. It was such a special moment, as the festival has the perfect size and location to enjoy our joy to the fullest. For us it is a magical place where we became pure love. 

Of course we went back in 2019, as by now it is our favorite festival. We made lots of friends there that we see every year on the dance floor, and there we open the wings of our love to the maximum extent. We realise that once you find love and let it be the main driving force in your life, you need to have a place to really let it run free away from your day to day existence every now and then, and for us that place is Noisily. 

Kind regards,

Joaquín Martín