Noisily Psyber Monday Deals!!

After completely missing Black Friday on account of being at a team building sweat lodge with the Noisily core team on the Norfolk Broads, we were worried sick that we’d missed the boat on the world’s most spiritually inclined discount day, Black Friday.

Historically, on the penultimate Friday of November, like minded progressive shoppers cordially descend on their local retail outlets in a state of decorum. Politely, they queue up to invest in cut price televisions, hand held blending devices, clever rubbery things which peel cloves of garlic in an instant, and other such essentials that life would be otherwise impossible to live without.

Thankfully the most holistic head at Noisily, DJ Ipcress, spent the weekend rubbing his crystals together (labradorite and tryptamine, for those who are interested) and came up with a frankly genius idea that benefits all those involved in anything anywhere!

Cue: Noisily’s Psyber Monday Deals!!!!



Pay 10% more for your Noisily ticket.That’s right! For one day only you can pay a whopping great 10% more for your Noisily 2019 ticket. The benefits of this absolute steal are obvious, but we’ll spell them out for you anyway, just to be clear! First off, this reassuringly expensive offer is reassuring, and everyone loves a bit of reassurance! Secondly, you won’t feel any guilt! When most people are walking round site thinking “Gosh, they’ve put in so much effort, I feel as though I’ve underpaid!”  You’ll be safe in the knowledge you paid top dollar for the exact same experience! Bravo!

Simply visit and use the increase code to pay 10% more – Just add this at the bottom of our ticket page to bring up the increased price ticket: psybermonday10%



Exclusive Drinks Wristband!

Buy one of our Psyber Monday wristbands, which also allows you to buy drinks at the festival bars, AND pay a £2 non-refundable deposit for a branded Mug! No. Freaking. WAY!

Simply visit our 3rd party wristband outfit and use code: YOUMUG


Single Use No More!

For the price of a penny sweet in the 1993 (taking into account inflation), you can invest in a pass which will enable you to wrap your Noisily mug in single use plastic each time you finish a drink on site!

Imagine if you will, one of those really essential, how-can-anyone-possibly-fly-safely-without-wrapping-it wrapping machines for baggage at airports. Well, this is just like that, but for cups. For CUPS! “Cor Blimey” we hear you say!

That’s right, just like the bananas and avocados you buy at Sainsbury’s, whose external skin has evolved over millennia to completely protect the fruit within, we decided that nature simply hasn’t done enough! This means you won’t have to put up with the stress of rinsing your vessel between beverages, protecting your innards from all those life threatening diseases that are native to the British Countryside. Result! DEAL AVAILABLE ON SITE