Official Ticketsellers Statement

Official Ticketsellers Statement on Noisily 2022 Ticket barcodes

Dear customers,

A number of Noisily customers have been affected by an error whereby barcodes have been sent to customers whose tickets have been voided, either because they were donated back in 2020, or because they have been sold via our refund platform.

Donation customers will receive a separate email from us.  For others, you may have received your barcode either because of human error (not voided when you received your refund), or because barcodes were sent before your recent resale was successfully processed via our customer service team.

In all cases, we appreciate this causes confusion and concern, and for that, we are really sorry – please don’t blame Noisily for this.  Our team is working hard to get through everyone and process refunds quickly. 

Our refund platform was built pre-covid to handle a small number of requests, so in the current economic climate where so many want to buy and sell, it makes perfect sense to use a platform like TicketSwap, specifically built for this purpose.

It’s been a long road since July 2019, when tickets first went on sale for this event and we have managed thousands of donations, roll-overs and resales, so please bear with us while we rectify this small percentage of affected people and we can’t wait to welcome you to the field next month.


TicketSellers  x