Oliver Koletzki – Bio

Stil vor Talent is one of Berlin’s Prima Techno labels, and at the helm is industry legend and producer extraordinaire Oliver Koletzki.  

His latest studio album and the 6th he’s created as a solo artist, is aptly named The Arc of Tension, and yet again presents his remarkable vision of contemporary electronic music. Assuming the role of storyteller, the music within speaks to its listener as a singular, self contained work, which communicates by way of its natural flow and arc of suspense.

The multifarious musical narrative of the album is evidence of Koletzki’s long and dynamic musical history, and where historically his music has contained euphoric vocal collaborations, he has moved on to a different form of storytelling. Rooted in the quiet confidence of a veteran musician, as well as the hectic lifestyle of a globally in demand DJ.

“The Arc of Tension is the psychonautic journey through the various continents of Oliver’s consciousness. The first minutes of the album leave no room for doubt – we are immediately locked into an autobiographical world of sound that knows how to captivate from the get go. Ultimately, what lingers is the feeling that we are being granted a deep glance into the innermost being of an outstanding artist.” – Stil vor Talent

Why did we book him for Noisily? They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and music many more, so here is a link to his mix at the Oregon Eclipse Gathering in August, which a few of us were privileged to see for ourselves.