Pat Demarcq: The Man Behind the Designs

How long have you been working with Noisily, and how did you get involved?

Since the 2014 edition. I’d known James and Chris for a long time and we had all been involved in the underground party scene since the late 90s, back when I was a small boy 😉   They both joined Noisily a few years back and got me on board, haven’t looked back…it’s been emotional!


What other festivals have you worked with before Noisily?

Design wise, Noisily is the first.


What is it that drew you to the project, and how does the core ethos and goals of the team resonate with you as a designer, and as a person?

Counter culture and the idea of creating unique and interactive environments using music and art; I’ve always admired the smaller festivals in the UK for embracing this fully. This is something that drew me to Noisily the first time I heard about it, and to be given the opportunity to create the face of the event from early days was pretty much a blank canvas – ideal job!


What is the best bit about working on the festival?

Seeing how the ideas come together and eventually explode before our eyes in the woods, after a year of working on the project.


On a personal level, what does it mean to you to be such an integral part of the team at a truly unique event?

It really means a lot to be part of something that resonates in a pretty profound way with many people. Being involved in Noisily has also really helped me to progress in working in other more creative areas of my field.


What sets Noisily apart from other events in the UK?

Many things but I think particularly the attention to detail – such love has gone into every aspect of it and you can really feel/ see it. I’ve never been to a festival so small and intimate with such a high level of production.


What do you do when you’re not making awesome and incredible designs?

Play and write music – I’ve recently relocated to Barcelona and have a new music project Echoes in Smoke. Experimental indie/ psychedelia & electronica meets post rock vibes – EP coming soon & you can follow us here (shameless plug!)

What does the future hold for the face of the festival, and where can we expect the visuals to go in the years to come?

We’ve retained a certain look and feel over the last 2 editions now so I think it’s time for more of a shake up for the 2020 campaign. Ideas are on the drawing board already, watch this space 😀


Who are you most looking forward to seeing play at 2019’s event?

Extrawelt….so far! Look forward to seeing who else is in store.