Perfect Stranger – Bio

It’s been five years since Perfect Stranger came to Coney Woods. That’s essentially five years too long…

The depth and dynamic of his music stands Yuli Fershtat apart from the rest of the Psychedelic spectrum, as he fuses elements of Techno with the deep quintessence of Psy Trance. The intelligence of his grooves and accessibility it offers those not akin to the genre, has converted naysayers and simultaneously retained die hard fans who have followed his career for the best part of two decades.

His continual productivity has seen collaborations with an array of artists, and his long standing position as Iboga Records stalwart sits him amongst esteemed company, whilst his music differentiates him from the pack.

We’ve all seen Perfect Stranger play at festivals around the world, including the Eclipse Gathering, the stage we help build at Burning Man, and at Noisily itself. So we have testimonials coming out of our eyeballs, and drafting in the Perfectly Strange is always going to be a sound idea.