Positive Newsily

Positive Newsily

Dear Noisily Famalam, 

Happy New Year! Well, New Year at least… 

What a start to 2021, eh? Plummeted into yet another national lockdown with an extremely vague end date, sometime, we hope, around the official start of British Summer Time. 

We won’t beat around the hedgerow, January is typically a bleak month filled with broken resolutions, but 2021 has got to take the biscuit for one of the most depressing starts to a year in history. 

Although if we are playing Top Trumps, spare a thought for the inhabitants of Europe, the Middle East and huge parts of Asia in 536 AD, when half the World was plunged into a mysterious fog for over 18 months. Visibility was reduced to mere yards, the sun couldn’t penetrate, no crops grew and millions of people died. Then, to add insult to injury, a bout of the Bubonic struck a couple of years later in Egypt and knocked out a 3rd of the Roman Empire. Ouchy! 

It transpires nearly 1500 years later, after some clever carbon dating, that the fog was due to a seismic volcanic eruption in Iceland, which certainly puts into perspective the dusty guff of 10 years ago which grounded the fleets of Stelios and O’Leary respectively. 

Anyhoo, enough of the doom and gloom! We’re here to distract you from the global woes with some upbeat reporting, and here are the headlines from our favourite news publication, the aptly named, ‘Positive News’: 

The Environment

Animal baby booms have been happening in Africa thanks to the Pandemic giving ecosystems a much needed break, whilst poaching numbers dropped dramatically. 

Renewable energy made up nearly half of the UK’s electricity supply in 2020 thanks to advancements in solar and wind tech and price drops in materials for both. 

Health & Wellness

More than a million people in the UK have given up smoking since the Covid pandemic hit home shores, more than double the figure of 2019. 

Scotland passed a law meaning all period products are free. It was hailed as “bloody good news!” 

The Coronavirus vaccine was the fastest to develop in history, and whether or not you are going to get it, this is good news for events like Noisily to crack on in 2021 and beyond. 

Human Rights

Costa Rica legalised same-sex marriages. 

Deaths caused by terrorism fell for the fifth consecutive year. 

Palestine and Saudi Arabia banned child marriage. 

Gabon decriminalised homosexuality. 

These are just a few of the thousands of positive news stories you can find when you subscribe to Positive News. You can head to their website for free updates, or subscribe to their quarterly magazine which is worth every penny. We should also say that this isn’t an ad, we just LOVE the publication and everyone could use a bit of positive news right now!

Sending good vibes for 2021 and beyond. 


The Noisily Team