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Dear Noisily Faithful,

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Noisily 2020 is Postponed to 8th – 11th July 2021, all tickets will be automatically rolled over to the 2021 event.

HOWEVER, we are in trouble, and without your help Noisily could soon be over, not just for this year, but forever.  The Noisily community is, and always has been, what makes it so unique. We’ve felt your love and support through this difficult time, and it’s kept us marching on when we could have thrown in the towel – thank you! But now more than ever, we need you to help by donating your ticket or whatever you can, to save Noisily.  

As with many businesses, organisations and people around the world, the Noisily team has watched this unfolding crisis with bewilderment and uncertainty. After much soul searching and scenario planning, it has become clear to us that it would not be safe, sensible or right to push ahead with Noisily 2020. We are therefore rescheduling Noisily until 8 – 11th July 2021 – all current tickets will be automatically rolled over to that event. 

As you may know from our previous communications, Noisily finances were on a knife edge before this crisis. 

As with all independent festivals, we’ve had ups and downs, but this was the year we were finally going to balance our books, and postponing the event to 2021 without a financial intervention will mean that Noisily could never happen again.

After having invested significant funds into the 2020 festival on things like, licensing, planning, marketing, our loyal crew’s wages, deposits and production costs we are left with an unsustainable deficit of £150,000.

So, we’re asking YOU, the Noisily community who have shaped and given meaning to the last 8 years of our lives beyond measure, to SAVE NOISILY by donating whatever you can to help us survive. We realise in these extraordinary times it is a massive ask, and we would not be asking if the only other option was Noisily possibly never happening again. 

We’re asking those of you who have bought a ticket to the 2020 event, and are able, to forfeit and donate your ticket to ensure that Noisily can happen in 2021 and beyond. This would mean that you will have to purchase a new ticket to Noisily 2021, but to thank you for helping to save Noisily we will guarantee you an Early Bird priced ticket for Noisily 2021 and every subsequent festival, send you a one of a kind Noisily Saviour Badge, and include your name on a “I saved Noisily” Artwork at the 2021 event. 

If you are able to do so, please click one of these links: 

If you were yet to purchase your ticket and still want to donate, you can do so here.



Refunds: We ask, if at all possible, that you could help guarantee the future of Noisily by only requesting a refund in exceptional circumstances. Of course we appreciate that there are many people experiencing difficult situations at the moment, so if you feel you fall into this category, please login into your ticketsellers account and ask for  a refund. 

We ask all of this of you, our community, humbled and grateful for the love, joy and magic you have brought us and everyone who has attended Noisily over the last 8 years. We do so without expectation, yet hopeful that we’ll be able to dance together under the canopy of Coney Woods for years to come.  

If you have any questions, please check out our SAVE NOISILY FAQ’s here.

Love from your Noisily family. xx

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