Some Very Important News…

Dear Noisily Family, 


With just days until we open our gates for the 9th Noisily, we are getting in touch with some extraordinary news of a new chapter for Noisily Festival – this will be the last time we venture out into Coney Woods.


We are moving to a new home in 2023, and having spent the past year visiting site after potential site, we are over the moon to say we have secured the perfect woodland location in the vicinity of Noisily. 


It is with a great deal of sadness we must say goodbye to Coney Woods: due to an infection of the destructive fungus ash dieback and in order to save the woods from complete destruction, significant parts of the woodland will need to be felled, changing the character of Coney woods irreversibly and making it unsuitable for a festival. 


Yet the spirit of Noisily will live on in our new home, a stunning, ancient woodland which has never before been seen by the public. The secluded location will allow free reign for our creativity, and even some more volume on the dance floors.

Our team and the relationships therein remain stronger than ever, and we know that whilst poignant, the only constant is change and we must embrace this challenge together.   

With your support, love and shared optimism Noisily’s future is bright, and so we ask you, for this, our last adventure into the woods where it all began, bring everything you’ve got and more!

With all our love as ever,


The Noisily Team




Last Noisily Festival tickets in Coney Woods HERE