Sonic Enchantment & lu:sid Sound Healing & Dance experiences with Fabio Garces

If there’s something you shouldn’t miss on the Mind Body Soul line-up this year – this is it!

Fabio Garces, a passionate and talented musician and producer who has a vision to transform the ways we experience sound. Sonic Enchantment is truly powerful. Huge gratitude for Fabio for sharing & gifting his lu:sid & Decompression Session sets.  His performances at Noisily are set to be unforgettable healing experiences, the perfect way to maintain balance during your weekend… 



Thursday 6th July

11pm – 1am

London-based producer lu:sid is constantly experimenting and developing ways to merge psycho-acoustic knowledge with hypnotic underground rhythms. His multicultural upbringing between Colombia, New York and Costa Rica has shaped the development of a truly unique sound. He performs a hybrid live set whereby he beautifully merges Deep Techno and Deep House sounds with shamanic rhythms and hypnotic frequencies taking dance floors to a whole new level, expanding the boundaries of dance music. As part of this performance there is also a visual element which has been created to compliment the sound journey.

Sonic Enchantment (sound meditation)

with Fabio Garces

Saturday 8th July

6 – 8pm

£20 per person (+ bf)


Merging a background in music production and sound engineering, Fabio Garces has spent the last 7 years researching the field of cymatics, acoustic therapies, solfeggio frequencies and ancient South and Central American shamanic sound healing practices, to develop an approach that combines modern music technology with ancient sound healing along with meditation.

The result is an inspired and deeply moving musical and multimedia experience which takes the listener through a series of layers of underground electronica, binaural beats, ambient music, hypnotic melodies, ethereal soundscapes and subtle ancient shamanic rhythms, resulting in deeper inner connection and a positive state of mind. The resulting effect serves to create personal experiences that span a wide range of transformative benefits such as restoration and the re-emergence of balance and inner calm.

The solfeggio and other naturally occurring frequencies are based on natural harmonics, which can help rebalance the mind, body & soul. Benefiting the body’s energy field, bones, and DNA. They also help tune us in with nature and more deeply with our intuition. Which is key in navigating the energetic shift currently occurring on the planet.

These sound baths will enable you to release old patterns that no longer serve you, create new ones and re-tune your energetic field. 111Hz is a key frequency of the solfeggio and this will be played in many forms. It promotes endorphin-release and a deeper state of balance. These group experiences are called “Sound baths” because you are bathed in sound, while lying comfortably on the floor.

Stress melts away, while the brain moves into Alpha and Theta states, triggering sympathetic nervous system response that lowers blood pressure, slows the heart rate, relieves pain, and many other physical benefits related to deep relaxation.

Please bring something to lay down upon (a yoga mat or a sleeping bag), pillows/cushion and/or a blanket for extra comfort. The floor of the space is a rug but the more comfortable you are the better.

We recommended you are well hydrated.

Early arrival is also recommended to get a good place.

There will be a guided relaxation meditation at the beginning and an integrating and grounding meditation at the end of the sound healing journey.

There are limited spaces available for Sonic Enchantment, book early to ensure your spot.


Decompression Session

with Fabio Garces

Sunday 9th July

10pm – midnight

As the dance floors close for the last time in 2017 in Coney Woods and as you make your way back up the woodland staircase to the Mind Body Soul area, join Fabio who will be performing his final lu:sid experience via the medium of a Decompression Session

It will be a journey that will start with deep techno rhythms so we can continue at the energy level of the dance stages. Then moving into downtempo hypnotic and shamanic beats. Eventually and gradually this sound journey will guide us into a deep relaxation and restoration experience.

There will also be immersive visuals that have been created to complement this experience. The whole journey will be 2 hours and will slow down the vibration utilising binaural frequencies and shamanic sounds to help restore you and bring balance, a transformative transition to stillness and calm.

As you reflect on your experiences at Noisily we hope that this special experience will leave you feeling special. A feeling which you can carry forward to the campfire and beyond, as you reenter society with positivity and inspiration and watch as it resonates into daily life.

Here is a taste of what you can expect from this specially produced sound and dance experience which has been created specially for the Mind Body Soul area at Noisily