Sound Healing & Dance Workshops at Noisily

Sound is in the name at Noisily, whilst Dance is pounded into the forest floor throughout the weekend, and this year we are extending both beyond the dance floors into the realms of the Mind, Body, Soul healing area.

We have an array of practitioners bringing a wealth of experience to the festival, with a diverse collection of workshops, meditation sessions and sound healing.

From Colombia we are welcoming Anthar Kharana (featured image above), an expert in indigenous South American tribal sounds. Anthar will be engaging people in a circle of traditional songs of the Americas, and also performing a Tabaco ceremony.

Also from Colombia, Fabio Garces brings sound healing into the 21st century with his take on sonic enchantment. Fusing modern technology with ancient techniques, he creates binaural soundscapes to engage listeners in meditation amongst the frequencies.

Born in England but of Chinese descent, Helene Su will be taking people on an elemental journey through their chakras via the medium of dance. Inspiring them to tap into their creativity and find their primal spirit.

From India, Nikhel Mahajan aka Sattyananda is a musician and Nada Yogi, who over the past 20 years has combined his classical training with the technology used to produce Electronica, guiding people through meditative states to find deep joy and happiness.

As well as the above, we have a number of other contributors offering dance workshops, Capoeira, tantric frequency exploration and deep meditation.

To read more, explore the possibilities and book any of the sessions on offer, please visit our Sound Healing & Dance Workshops Page HERE.