Noisily & The Psychedelic Society

Noisily is a celebration of psychedelic culture and a haven for all it represents. Since opening our gates in 2012 we have worked tirelessly toward the ambition of creating a platform for learning and sharing, and 2016 this manifested in our Mind Body Soul healing area.

Now, in its third year, the evolution of our Mind Body Soul sees a collaboration with The Psychedelic Society, a collective of experts who β€œadvocate the careful use of psychedelics as a tool for personal and spiritual development.” Together they believe β€œthe profound experiences of unity and interconnectedness reliably brought about by strong psychedelic trips can help people to live lives of greater love, compassion and joy.”

Whilst at Noisily we do not permit the use of illegal substances, we are strong advocates of psychedelic awareness, the science behind experiences and the culture surrounding them. Given the simple truth that it is impossible to entirely stop people taking psychoactive substances, we believe in education and harm reduction, so that if individuals choose to, they should do so in a safe and positive way.

Throughout the festival we have a program packed with talks and seminars with experts in psychoactive substances and psychedelic culture, who will be sharing their knowledge and research, shedding light on the expansion of collective consciousness. As well as these experts there will be a host of practitioners and healers offering practical, hands on experiences in fields such as gong baths, sound healing and sonic enchantment, cacao ceremonies, meditation circles and much more.

We are excited and elated to be working with a like minded team of thinkers, and promise an experience as insightful as it is interesting, and for more information about The Psychedelic Society visit their website here.

See you in the woods!