Liquid Stage Highlights 2020

We’re usually ones for remaining present, however in this instance we think It’s high time we start looking to the future, and July specifically. Not because of this unrelenting rain we are being subjected to, although that’s a good enough reason, but because down in the Coney Woods on the second weekend of the seventh month of the Gregorian calendar, the Liquid Stage will once again explode into action. 

Herein, in alphabetical order to avoid favouritism (although we can see why Ace went for that DJ name) are just some of the incredible artists we all have to look forward to… 

ACE VENTURA – Top Dog in Prog

ALTRUISM – The Queen of Psy Trance

CIRCUIT BREAKERS – Noisey Burning Dick

DRIP DROP – The Full On Greek


HYPOGEO – Deep, Dark and Zenon

KHROMATA – The First Lady of Iboga

KRUMELUR – Sopping Wet Basslines From Berlin

LIQUID SOUL – Swiss Rollers

TONGUE & GROOVE – Tasty Home Grown Treats