Ten Things to do in our Mind Body Soul Healing Area

Noisily’s Mind Body Soul area is a festival in its own right; a celebration of psychedelic culture and holistic healing modalities that covers the depth and breadth of spirituality and oneness. From yoga and bodywork, through lectures and talks from some of the countries leading experts in almost everything, to dreamy massages and healing hot tubs, all the way to the ancient tribal practices of Hapay, Sananga and Kambo, it is our Mind Body Soul that truly completes the Noisily Festival experience.


With hundreds of things to choose from, here are just 10 to whet your appetites for self-exploration ahead of the festival in just 16 day’s time:  


1) This year we are expanding our Hot Tub area with an exciting collaboration with Soak London. Not only will you enjoy a Prosecco on entry as part of your experience, but also music from our all new Hot Tub Stage! Relax, unwind and enjoy the vibes on our only subaquatic dance floor HERE. Bookings open now!


2) Are you a Funghi or Gal? Do you have a passion for botany or a penchant for horticulture? Look no further that our special classed where you can learn to grow your own mushrooms at The Shroomshop Workshop, book here.

3) Whilst the food on site is an extravaganza, perhaps you’re looking for something more official, more intimate, with a little more je-ne-sais-quoi? We have no fewer than two days of banqueting available to book at Noisily this year, with multiple sittings throughout the weekend. Gorge yourselves in our sustainable Banqueting tent catered to by Noisily favorite Got Game, and vegan maestros Honest Edibles? To read more, book and see the absolutely delectable menus, head HERE.

4) If you forgot to pack that all important garment that really brings your outfit together, and whilst you journey up to Leicestershire on the train it sits forlornly on your dresser, crying the silent tears that only an inanimate lifeless object metaphorically can, fear not! We have just the workshop for you, where you can make your very own leathery feathery outfit. Check it out HERE.

5) If you are a fan yarns and fables, like to spin your own web of innuendos, or just LOVE a rollocking tall tale, then join our storytelling workshop. Included will be the mystical marvel and long term Noisily’er that is Daniel Allison, and his wonderful wife Lally, whom he actually met at Noisily 3 years ago! To be infatuated by his skilful spinning, read more HERE.


6) It is in a relationship where you learn most about yourself. With another, with yourself, and with the space around you. Yoga is so much more than a physical practice, it is a state of being, a way of life; you don’t even need to practicing it to be doing “yoga”. That said, at Noisily we have some of the best teachers around, and one of those is our great friend and long standing resident yoga teacher, Esther Benwell. Every day at Noisily you can join Esther for her mindful vinyasa flow class. Book HERE.  

7) Brought to you by the Centre for Astrophysics Research and the School of Creative Arts at the University of Hertfordshire, The Cosmodrome repurposes the UK’s largest mobile planetarium with a cutting-edge sound diffusion system to create an immersive audio-visual space for education, exploration and contemplation. By day, it will host planetarium shows, lectures, workshops and audio-visual art. By night, it will be the place to drop in and space out to spectacular full dome views of the cosmos served up with a variety of musical treats. Alongside this interactive, intergalactic, interstellar installation, stare at the stars through giant telescopes, guided by some of the world’s leading astrophysicists. Read more HERE.

8) Join Athena under the trees or in the comfort of her own tent to experience ancient energy healings Shiatsu & Reiki. Shiatsu involves pressure on the acupuncture points along the body with fingers, palms, elbows and knees, in order to rebalance its energy, boosting circulation and promoting health. Reiki (Universal Life Energy) is a healing energy directed from the practitioner to the received through his/her hands. It enhances emotional stability, enthusiasm for life and intuition. Read more about this incredible healing modality and book HERE.

9) What happens when you combined sonic expert and Techno maestro John Monkman with a healing breath pod? Our installation “Get high on your own Supply”  is at the cutting edge of futuristic sound healing. Read more and Book here.

10) Alongside our delicious banquets and fantastic food offerings, we have workshops where you can learn to create and cook yourselves, using healthy, probiotic ingredients. Join us and learn just how healthy you can be in your own kitchen when you get home. Read more and book here.