The Future is Beautiful

Dear Noisily Family,

A couple of weeks ago we collaborated with ‘The Future is Beautiful’ podcast to create an intimate event amongst the rolling hills of Wiltshire.

The day began with a pilgrimage to the sacred site of Avebury lead by modern day alchemist Charlotte Pulver and Druid Chris Park, followed by a panel discussion lead by Amisha Gadiali, host of ‘The Future is Beautiful’, with special guests Bruce Parry and Jimena Paratcha who joined Charlotte and Chris to discuss the theme of our Mind Body Soul area in 2021: ‘We Are Nature’.

The panel was illuminating, and the opportunity to share in human connection invaluable, more so now with the hindsight of Noisily being postponed until 2022.

In light of this, Noisily will be collaborating with several more contributors over the coming months to host small scale retreats and discussions on location in Wiltshire. More info to come.

In the meantime, please head to The Future is Beautiful to hear the full panel discussion.

With thanks to Amisha, Bruce, Charlotte, Chris, Jimena, the Noisily team down in Wiltshire and the guests who made the journey to join us.


The Noisily Team xxx