The Humans of Noisily

Over the past few years Noisily festival has become much more than just a party. It’s a safe place where extraordinary people gather to express themselves in a way that they might not feel comfortable doing so in other environments. 

Over the 2019 festival weekend we interviewed lots of Humans of Noisily, and one of the things that came up the most was their deep care for the environment. 

We believe that festivals, particularly ones like Noisily, are unique and incredibly valuable places where people’s innermost selves can be nurtured and brought to the surface in beautiful ways.

During the interview process it became clear to us that being more directly connected to nature and each other in a space like Noisily can have a profound effect on people’s outlook and care for the environment. 

As a community, we believe that it’s our duty to activate these kind of feelings and turn them into positive action in the real world, which is why we’ve initiated a new project called the Noise Makers.

This week, the organisation we believe has the best chance of really making a difference, is rebelling all over the world.

So, if you left Noisily feeling that incredible warm glow of contentment and inspiration so many of us did, then please, the time is now. Join the rebellion and bring those positive vibes out into the world.[0]=68.ARCkRjAg17Pj976PZSMezOgBlZjNWRmBGHsopA8O2sDH4Evvl9mkNl0fvdGw7558dSj9eX4VW8pAsHO_iedIPJ30PWDxYPwFUd2twrQ70Wd4dNGkER90MVdr_GjO74jZPk8Hcp-espk0746PggnCosVFAE1rSZhe84n3fVwwZZPSapUIGFyiEShRsMAVQz60_MdrwpIwtKRWB9CjOaA2QKMT6zdnTWdD8wyakO3RvpsYeujqgjpypeb22xTbnfcEnbqbhB5rijTagwmd1_lKFnDau7tWcXwnG1M6GUeTmdR041RaUO79-cofBMMqqXw-O7gmFBQ4deoO42IxVKBqdRebDfBWQpi1eGk&__tn__=-R


Music: Commoner – Lightly Seared On The Reality Grill – Stil vor Talent