The Noisily Community Needs You!

Dear Friends and Family,

We all love the socks of each other at Noisily, correct? Great! Glad we’re all in the same forest of agreement there then.

Community will be the single most important factor in our survival as humans, and the need for connection is built into our DNA since that time ages ago when we lived in caves and hunted things and stuff. We thrive off connection, and whilst you may get a whopping great pang of dopamine when you put your foot down in that sparkly new sports car it took you six years of seven day weeks to buy, don’t mistake that pleasure for happiness.

It’s your friends, family and neighbours that deserve your time the most, and who will make you feel fulfilled to the brim.

This is why we are encouraging you to head over to our Noisily 2019 Community Page, and make friends with as many of your festival family as possible ahead of the magical mayhem next July!

Separate to our event or festival page, it’s a place to post your photos and videos; talk about your experiences at Noisily; find rideshares to the event; try and find that person you met in the woods but couldn’t remember their name, or even just to strike up a conversation with people you know you’re going to get on with!

The Noisily community is its greatest asset, and that is made up from you lot, so thank you, from the bottom of our bass filled hearts!

The Noisily Team xxx