The Nook: The Next Stage in our Development

Noisily’s latest manifestation was born from the emergent sonic wave of Medicinal Dance Music, whose unifying effect is being felt around the globe with growing frequency. With visionary sound scapes woven by a shamanic order of priestess and wizard DJ’s alike, THE NOOK will embody a new dimension of sacred sounds and ritual beats to satisfy the native, barefoot dancer within us all.

This effeminate sound has proved a revelation, bewildering and bedazzling the underground music jungle with acts such as Mira, Nicola Cruz, Martha Van Straaten and Pigmalião, delivering mix after mix of intoxicating journeys into deep, divine realms. Make no mistake though, these beats are powerful and earthy, pulsing as low as the heart beat, bringing new rhythms, grooves and mystical melodies that expand the possibilities of psychedelic dance music.

We are elated that Noisily can play a part in the gestation of this cutting edge sound, giving it a home on UK soil under the canopy of Coney Woods.


This year at Noisily we open-heartedly plan to help support and establish this wild new sound in the U.K with a host of native and international acts from around this rich blue dot we call home. Foremost of which we are proud to bring you the talent that is Pigmalião. Born in Brazil and having recently moved to Europe, Daniel Lucas runs Frente Bolivarista, home to over 100 acts with a stunning array of borderless, transcultural serenades to satiate the most vivid dance appetite. Check out his Urban Cosmonaut mix here:


Nomadic Timanti finds a home in all that is musically fluid, evocative and otherworldly. Timanti have forged their own journey into sound with events, productions and an enduring DJ career with many facets from the dark and mysterious to the light and healing. Be drawn in and unravel to these powerful journeys in dance. Check out a set here:


Next up on The Nook we are proud to introduce QASH. Another space woman in her power ship – this time thrusting into uncharted extraterrestrial terrains of techno with cosmic glints and cerebral fractures so blinding the pathway often dissolves. Rest though, in her hands as she blows you away.


Outright psychonaught and mystic raconteur MOJO FILTER weaves a heady sorcery of impossible sound threads and trans-cultural beads to colourfully embroider the fabric of our underground dance community. Prepare to lust the sky and caress the soil as you glide wilfully through the many minds of the collective until.. You reach the sauce of soul. And smatter it generously across the bread of life. Pure medicinal musical manna from heaven.


OLAF STUUT is curious and unflinching Manwitch without an off-switch. He can’t stop. He just spews magic and mystery over everything he touches. He oozes a powerful influence over the sound he crafts that appears to be otherworldly in origin. Although somehow familiar, his sound throws your mind into a labyrinth of mirrors where every handle opens the door to another puzzle. Labyrinth music that dissects the mind and body into a thousand shards.

Check out his stunning ‘Inner River’ artist album. Pure ambient magic!


Nothing tickles the mind like intelligent dance music. Coming from Germany, Sam Goku is a new breed of sonic architect who animates his constructions with a stunning array of global instruments, many inspired from Japanese compositions and beyond to formulate that impossible-to-describe freeform dance music. Made for the woods and natural, open spaces.


Another proud addition to The Nook, he has graced the Noisily stage before now and returns to share his more mystical musings of late. UONE hails from down under and brings up with him – from his fabled Rancho Relaxo – a deep wealth of ritual house and tropical voodoo infused with incantations, chants and poetry. Light the incense and call in the spirits of Eagle and Condor – together they will fly again!