The Nook

The Nook returns to Coney Woods for the second time in an all new, considerably larger, yet equally mystical location amongst the trunks and beneath the canopy.

Musicians from around the world will join together to weave an intricate tapestry of medicinal beats and down tempo Techno, taking those present on a journey through the caverns of their own emotions.

The effeminate sound at The Nook proved a revelation in 2019, bewildering and bedazzling all those in ear shot. In 2020 we hope to build on these foundations, and our programmer at The Nook, the irrepressible Mojo Filter, has been busy crafting a line up of long journey sets to guide you through the weekend.

Highlights include Martha Van Straaten, Yør Kultura and Just Emma, supported and surrounded by a host of exceptional talent.

Herein ly-eth the line up for The Nook 2020!