The Pablo Di$cobar returns, gold AK’s a’blazin’!

Senors y Senoritas, buenos dias, tardes y noches! After the resounding success of the second series of Narcos, the cartel are taking some much needed time out from their daily duties to bring the Pablo Di$cobar back to Coney Woods!

The post apocalyptic narco dystopia is back, double the size in both sound and space, with a combination of frozen margaritas and a classy blend of cosmic funk, soul, disco and down-tempo tekkers.

The vivacious horde of MexiCANS behind the bar are so pumped up on good vibes and glycerol, that you’re tipple will be firmly swedged betwixt your fingers before you even order it!

Throughout the weekend artists from around the world will be laying down synth lines and ostinatos for your ocular indulgence, whilst the colour pallet for the decor scheme is positively incandescent.

Highlights include sets from Crussen, the self-proclaimed Swede lost in the Norwegian woods. Norfolk’s own Mojo Filter, a beatsmith of the highest degree. London’s Stardust, a disco belle if ever you saw one. Solar Loon, the cosmic entity, and many, MANY more.

Much like it’s namesake, the Pablo Di$cobar takes no prisoners, but if you pay your dues, thou shalt be rewarded!