The Soul Tent: Highlights

The Soul Tent: Highlights

The Soul Tent is a place to cultivate inner peace, love, and compassion for yourself and your fellow humans. In 2021 we have a beautiful bounty of offerings to ease you back into soulful festival going, and here are just a handful of highlights. 

Stay tuned for the full line up in due course. 

1. Moon Magic with Dominique Antonina

2. Wild Journeying: Learning the Art of Shamanic Meditation with Soizic Loup

3. Medicine at your Feet with Hetty Nutbeem in the Soul Tent (and beyond)

4. Encountering Our Selves – An Introduction to Voice Dialogue with Aaron and Rosa Sefi

5. The Headless Way with Richard Lang 

6. Coloured Sound with Sacred Space – Drumming & Mantra 

7. Cacao Ceremony and Voice Activation with Lani Rocillo

8. Plant Spirit Journey with Rachel Corby

9. Getting in touch with the Five Elements through the Five Senses with John Hughes

10. Discovering Stillness through Music & Self-Inquiry with Niall McGuigan