Ticket Scam Warning

Dear Noisily family,

A new problem has been brought to our attention in light of selling out…. Fake tickets.

The scams that we have seen are very basic, however we want to warn you about them and let you know how to spot them.

Real Noisily ticket barcodes will be sent out after the 24th of June. Any ticket with a barcode on now, is a fake. No barcodes for the festival tickets have been created for this exact reason.

TheTicketSellers are the only people who are selling Noisily tickets. If in doubt about the ticket you are about to purchase, please please get in touch with them and arrange for the ticket to be transferred with them. Do not transfer any money unless you are 100% sure that the ticket and the person selling it are genuine.

We are about to launch a reselling platform through TTS to add an extra layer of security for our ticket buyers. So please watch this space, this will be the safest way and the only way to guarantee you are buying a genuine ticket! So we suggest you wait for this feature.

If in doubt please double check to make sure you are about to buy a genuine ticket.

Stay vigilant and keep safe.

The Noisily Team