For The Love Of Trees

Next year at Noisily 2020 we explore the theme WE ARE NATURE – both a recognition & celebration of the interconnection of all life on earth, our precious ecosystem woven together with delicate energetic threads. We invite our family to open & receive her wisdoms of old, to mindfully heal, regenerate & transform our living story.

Perhaps the wisest, most generous & important organisms on this planet are trees; cleaning our air, protecting biodiversity; giving shelter & homes to so many, humbly supporting & inspiring an ever-evolving living network. They also form an integral part of the magic in Coney Woods, as the music, art & wellbeing energies reverberate within this incredibly special wooded valley. 

So we are calling upon you, our network, Noise Makers & beyond, to join us in a collective pledge to plant 400 trees ahead of Noisily 2020. We estimate this would offset our annual onsite diesel & deliveries within the next 8 years, setting us well on the road to becoming a carbon neutral festival. It’s a bit of an imperfect science currently, but we are working on some new, exciting partnerships for 2020 that will allow us to be much more accurate – we look forward to sharing & updating you as we go. 

You can join us in several ways – we will be kicking things off with the Woodland Trust’s National Plant a Tree Day on 30th November, as we join & feed into their Big Climate Fightback with a goal of planting 1 million trees to restore & regenerate the British countryside (pledge HERE). It also happens to be National Tree Charter Day, which fittingly celebrates the important relationship between people & trees, drawing together ‘Tree Stories’ from across the UK.

The Woodland Trust have a wealth of useful tree-loving information on their website, from recommended nurseries, planting advice & aftercare. They will also be joining us at Noisily 2020, holding a tree planting ceremony on site to bring us toward our goal, & as a fitting homage to our much-loved majestic oak who we sadly lost this year. They will also be offering a talk on the magic & importance of trees in the Mind Body Soul area for all budding tree-lovers. 

In the meantime, let’s get planting! We invite you to share your stories, pictures & progress along the way, spread the word and inspire others – supporting each other in this journey as our roots grow & spread through the simple act of planting trees. Please tag any successful plants with #noisilytrees so we can keep a live tally & share your stories on our Noise Makers & Community Page. We’ll also be organising some meet-up & plants throughout the next 6 months, open to all the Noisily community far and wide. More to come on this, but please do get in touch if you’d like to lead something in your area by emailing 

For those who might find tree planting logistically tricky, there’s also now an option to sponsor a tree when you buy your ticket for 2020 through donating to the Woodland Trust – every £1 buys a tree to be planted on your behalf. 

Here’s to celebrating the wonder of trees together!