What is Noisily?

Noisily Festival of Music & Arts is the U.K.’s leading transformational event, giving equal standing to music, art and healing at its stunning location in the Coney Woods in Leicestershire, at the heart of rural England.

Offering a complete festival experience unparalleled in its intimacy, Noisily attracts 5,000 guests each July for four days of hedonism, connection, and unadulterated fun, built upon the core values of community, equality, nature, love and friendship.

Each year we see the passion in our team on site, and during the festival in those who attend. This is something which we hope to harness and use to affect positive change in society via the medium of the content we present at the event, and through the discussions and narrative throughout the year. As a result Noisily reaches far beyond the woods it is proud to call home.

Join us in July 2019 for our 8th birthday and a celebration of life, the universe and everything.

See you in the woods!