It is Noisily Festival of Music and Arts, and the latter holds equal standing with the former in Coney Woods.

Artists and craftspeople from all walks of life come to Noisily to share their creative skills, journeying from far flung corners of the planet to join the incredible collective that is our in house Arts department. 

Our in house team of creatives are second to none when it comes to adorning the woods with a plethora of installations both interactive or otherwise, and are the main reason why Noisily has become a destination festival, not just for the music and healing, but for the art as well. This trinity has created a truly complete festival experience.   

Over the years we have asked our artists to create with a theme in mind, and in 2020 we’re doing the same, with the site wide theme of ‘We Are Nature’.

We are looking for art works and installations that inspire our festival family to foster our delicate ecosystem, protecting it for future generations so they too may have the privilege of enjoying environments like Noisily, in the beautiful British countryside and beyond. 

Please apply by JANUARY 13TH 2019 at 6pm GMT – we will not accept any late applications.

woman's hand painting an art installation at Noisily Festival 2019
Credit: Phoebe Montague Photography