Yoga, Meditation & Massage, a full run down of our Yogi Program and Instructions on how to Pre-Book your Classes and Therapies…

Yoga is a practice that stretches back through millennia; a form of spiritual exercise connecting the mind to the body, raising awareness in yourself and elevating your consciousness, opening you up to the possibilities within yourself.

This year we have curated a diverse lineup of practitioners who have trained at schools around the world, offering classes to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you’re limbering up for a day of dancing, stretching off an injury, or looking to work up a sweat in a power session, Noisily’s Mind Body Soul has it all.

As well as the exploration of physicality through yoga, there will be specific sessions which include meditation and massage, allowing you time to relax and reflect upon your inner self and all that surrounds you.

Visit our brand new Yoga, Meditation & Massage Page to read about all the classes that are on offer, and pre-book your sessions by following the links and instructions at the bottom of each yogi profile.

Yoga, Meditation & Massage Page

Pre-booking System for Alternative Therapies

Additionally to the above, we have a range of experiences and therapies available for pre-booking.

These include shared and group Hot Tub sessions with Wonderlandia, Sonic Enchantment Sound Meditation with Fabio Garces, Massage Treatments with Massaura Bliss and our Saturday Banquet with Trewhitts.

We have created an all new pre-booking page clearly explaining all the details of what’s on offer, and how you go about arranging your holistic program ahead of the festival this July.

Mind Body Soul Pre-Booking Page