Your Guide to a Greener Noisily, and beyond…

A few months ago a member of our Noisily family and keen environmentalist called Sasha got in touch, wanting to contribute to the “Looking After the Woods Initiative”.  We love engaging with our crowd of wonderful humans, and love to hear their ideas. So without further ado, here is Sasha’s Guide to a Greener Noisily…



It’s that time of the year again and in under a week we’ll be diving back into the Coney Woods to dance, frolic, laugh, hug, kiss, dance and dance again. As every year, the Noisily Family strive to leave no trace – nay – leave the woods cleaner than we all found them.

The team have continued to develop and build upon the “Looking after the Woods Initiative”, alongside sterling efforts from all of you who joined together in the woods, and this year we should all be working harder still to ensure our shenanigans play out with the utmost environmental consciousness.

Here are some super simple, effective suggestions for an even greener Noisily. Check out our list of alternative products and solutions that will get you through the festival beautiful and clean and leave nature unscathed.


Guide to a Greener Noisily 

Wet Wipes

Wet Wipes that clog no pipes! Don’t worry, we won’t tell you to wipe your sexy bottoms with leaves, but we found a pretty damn good alternative to those nasty wet wipes.

Sure they can be quite practical, especially in the heat. However they are awfully bad for the environment and in fact will be banned in the UK by 2020. Check out this article by friends of the earth if you want to know more about the effect wet wipes have on the environment.

Considering this, we were pretty pumped to find Jackson Reece wipes, and here are the benefits:

Made from wood pulp, instead of synthetic fibre.

UK-made, which reduces the CO2 output from transportation.

Vegan & cruelty-free.


Fully biodegradable & compostable.

Decompose after 12 weeks in landfill; dissolve in water after 10 days.


Make-Up Remover

Remove make-up the eco-friendly way by using reusable alternatives:

Make-Up Remover Cloth.
Make-Up Eraser
Washable Bamboo & Cotton Pads
Coconut Oil or Shea Butter & a simple towel do the trick as well!


Hair and Body

Shampoos and body washes often contain chemicals that our bodies simply don’t need. Also, they enter the soil and water supplies, which can be harmful for nature and us.
Faith in Nature offers eco-friendly, chemical-free solutions that make your hair silky smooth and your body clean and fresh.

Get more info on Faith in Nature and order all you need here:

Dry Shampoo

Unspray My Heart, use these alternatives:

Corrine Taylor Dry Shampoo Powder
Oil-absorbing Dry Shampoo by Lush

If you’re blonde, baby powder works like a gem! Here’s one by Babipur that is talc-free and UK-made.


Cigarette Papers, Filters & Butts

Many companies offer unbleached, natural papers and filters. For instance, check out products by RAW. You can purchase their filters and papers at most convenience stores and tobacco shops.

But what happens after smoking?

You will find special bins for your cigarette butts scattered all over the festival. But guys, what if I’m in the middle of the dancefloor, you ask? No need to throw those butts around, how about a portable ashtray? You can order them in bulk from amazon, they fit right in your pocket. Once your pocket ashtray is full, empty it in the designated bin.


We all love it, especially at festivals: Glitter. Unfortunately, a lot of products contain micro-plastic particles. Check out our alternatives and make sure to visit some of the vendors at Noisily who will be selling eco-friendly alternatives.

Ecostardust offer biodegradable glitter that comes to you in sustainable aluminium tins. And there is a bonus: if you send in your old glitter, you’ll get a 15 % discount on their products. Your non-bio glitter will be sent to Rochfort Customs in Cornwall, who will upcycle it into fabulous jewellery.


Everything Else

You bet ya! Apart from switching to eco-friendly products, there is a range of things you can do to keep the Coney Woods beautiful and neat:

Don’t forget to bring a water bottle! Bottles made from copper keep your drink chilled longer and have amazing health benefits. You can get them on amazon or check out these beautifully painted ones by Dunya Ayurveda, which come in different sizes. For anyone living in London, you can get their products at the Camden market!

Bring our own refillable cup! We recommend tin cups, they are light-weight and unbreakable. You can get them pretty much anywhere that sells camping gear. Our bars will have reusable cups that attract a £1 deposit.

Use the bins! They are everywhere and if you cannot find one, please put your trash in your bag, pocket, boyfriend’s hand, etc. Anywhere but on the precious ground.

Please do not throw wet wipes, tampons, sanitary pads, etc in the toilets. Use the bins!

Take care of each other, stay hydrated and respect your environment, and remember to have a wonderful, magical time amongst those trees.

See you in the Woods.

Sasha and the Noisily Team xxx