Over the years we’ve received mountains of letters, emails and messages from friends, family, complete strangers and everyone in between. This is what they had to say about Noisily…


“I feel like I have been given a new lease of life, and Noisily marked the beginning of a new phase for me. A happier healthier, fuller and more present one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

– Jenna


“I have so much to thank you for. After this experience I know I leave as liberated and whole.”  

– Emily


“This was my 3rd Noisily and I can genuinely say the first one I came to kicked started a chain reaction which ultimately turned my life around. I now naturally seem to monitor my mental evolution by how far I’ve come and how much things have changed since the last Noisily.”

– Tom


“I was completely sober the whole festival and it was hands down the best weekend of my life!”

– Anon


“I’ve been to all kinds of festivals around the UK and overseas, but what you have managed to orchestrate in the Coney Woods far surpasses any experience I have ever had.”

– Barrett


“It’s like a colonic for the mind!”

– Anon


“I’ve had enough of the commercial money making festivals, I don’t belong there, I needed somewhere special and unique. Noisily Festival is without doubt the greatest thing I’ve ever experienced.”

– Paul


“I cannot express in words how joyful you have made me as a person, my soul has the noisily stamp and I will never forget!”

– Jonny


“I was very narrow minded, very pessimistic, and generally tied down by life. I never had enough, and never felt fulfilled, then I came across a little place called Noisily. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but everything in my life has now changed for the better. Your gathering made me spiritually free, my confidence has grown and my world seems more clear. I just feel so inspired, all the time!”

– John


“Over the weekend I experienced such joy in the music, that it felt like falling in love with dance music all over again, twenty years later. I witnessed so many touching moments of elation on the dancefloor and genuine care for each other off the dancefloor – it was impossible to not get completely caught up with the sense that this event had created something rare and amazing.”

– Lis


“Your attention to detail in all aspects of production demonstrate the care and skill in creating this event. I think we all know just how lucky we were to be part of it. You’ve helped to create memories that really will last a lifetime.”

– Potts


“No other UK Festival comes even close.”

 – Marie


“Thank you, thank you, thank you…an inspirational, epic, emotional, fun, naughty, beautiful, beautiful weekend filled with so many highlights, friends and hysterical moments it’s unreal. There was sooooo much love flooding into the stratosphere…exceptional stuff guys…awesome!”

 – James Monro


“Wooooow what an absolute blinder, thank you so much to Noisily and all the wacky party people that made that literally one of the best weekends of my life!”

– Phillax


“Never before have i seen such a diverse group of people seem so unified in purpose. Hats off to the organisers – you made it look effortless. Noisily stage on Sunday was simply magnificent. Long live Noisily Festival!”

– Julian


“29 years of festivals so far, and way up there with the very best!”

– Felix



– Henry


“Mind blown! This weekend is going to stay with me for my lifetime! Beautiful site, decor, music and people!”

– Lisa