Men’s Circle

Hosted by Pasco from non-profit Men’s Circle

Friday 12:00 – 13:30 | UNITE

A men’s circle is a space for men (people who share the experience of being a man) to come as their most authentic selves, and share what is most true. It’s dedicated to explore your inner-self, gain feedback and get support from others. 

Professionally facilitated, this circle will take a no-BS approach to practice your self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and mental resilience. 

The circle will be facilitated by Pasco, co-founder of Men Circle, a non-profit and community for men’s self-development. They hold weekly men’s circles online, nature retreats, socials, has an online community space, and train men to become facilitators.

Join the circle to dip your toe into men’s work.

Self Love Art Club

Self Love Art Club with Charlie O’Connor

Saturday 1415 – 1630 | UNITE | by donation

The Self Love Art Club is an empowering place to come together, draw, write, create and play without pressure or judgement on the finished piece and is a safe space to delve into self-loving artist-nurturing practices.

Led by singer/songwriter-poet Charlie O’Connor, we will playfully explore the theme ‘We Are Nature’ through drawing and writing prompts, followed by bags of time to create and chat to likeminded creatives. What we can often find is that there is usually a message that our inner-artist/muse/the universe (or whatever you’d like to call it!) is trying to convey to us, the session gives us a calm environment to listen deeply… and play!


– drawing and writing prompts

– time to create

– introduction to morning pages, artist dates and creative playdates!

– creative encouragement

– option to share your work/thoughts/feels

– an opening meditation/group breath work

– a closing song (optional participation)

– an inclusive and open-hearted space for joy, play and creative magic!

Intimate Storytelling

Intimate Storytelling – a workshop with Lonan Jenkins

Sunday 1430 – 1600 | UNITE

Sometimes we struggle to find our voice, and it can be challenging to engage and connect with people authentically. Feeling self-conscious in our communication can feel suffocating, and can distract us to the point it jeopardises our personal and professional relationships. In this 1.5 hour workshop, Lonan will introducing key storytelling techniques through playful practices, to warm up our minds and bodies.
We’ll then learn how to weave these skills into everyday conversations with family, friends, lovers or co-workers, to improve how we hold ourselves in our communication, from catch up chats to important, looming discussions, and from first dates to interviews. Lonan will guide you through storytellers’ secrets in a fun, liberating and expressive way, with the aim of setting you up to share your own stories with character, compassion and confidence.

Lonan is a storyteller, teacher, performer, writer, workshop facilitator, and wedding celebrant. Narratives, intimacy and human connection are always at the heart of what he does.

For more on Lonan’s magical work &

Deep Sym

Deep Sym – See your breath transform into light

Evenings in CRAFT

Sym ( is an immersive interactive experience synthesising technology, art and wellbeing. Using custom sensors, deep slow diaphragmatic (belly) breathing is visualised in moving soothing lights, creating a beautiful relaxing space to unwind in. A space to connect to breath, to yourself and to others. Breathing through the belly is something we naturally do as babies, yet as adults need to be reminded to be conscious of. Diaphragmatic breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, improving physical, emotional and cognitive states overall. You can experience Sym together with a partner or new friends as each participant’s breath is visualised in a different colour, and when in sync, the lamps animate with joyful rainbows. Sym is for symbiosis – a beneficial process in nature where connections beyond the self improve the overall ecology of being. 

Art Intercollective

Art Intercollective – an exploration of colour with Emma Philippa Maeve

Friday 1400 – 1600 | UNITE

Emma’s workshops are explorations of our inner selves – from emotions to how we feel when we allow ourselves to connect with nature and each other using art therapy techniques.

Scientifically, colours have been proven to affect our moods and perception – this circle will be an intimate and sensorial exploration of colour, and how it changes our mood. The invitation will be to connect into Earth’s elements and sensory colours, and to really feel the colourful living connections of our web, both seen and unseen.

About Emma – An applied artist who is inspired by the beauty of the world, emotion and the connection that we have with our emotions and understanding of how we relate with one another. Emma Philippa Maeve allows herself to be viewed by others within her work and this weekend will be a way to truly connect with each other, meeting like-minded people interested in nature, the environment, art, wellbeing and immersing in a meditative state to empower each individual to create work that is true to themselves and sings in the collective.


ReNurture – an immersive sound journey with Ruth Hoey

Join ReNurture, where the energetic practices of reiki and sound therapy will lead participants through an immersive sound journey. Ruth recognises that with sound we feel and we heal, we enable ourselves to connect to that inner wisdom, shifting and morphing into higher vibrations. Trained in the use of crystal singing bowls, gong, shamanic drum, tuning forks and solfeggio tones Ruth will guide recipients into a deep dream-like state where they will feel balanced and nourished from head to toe.

Herbal Yoga – Rose

Herbal Yoga – Rose – a workshop with Daisy Hatton

Friday 1415 – 1630 | UNITE

In this workshop we will weave the worlds of herbalism and yoga. Bringing into focus the importance of nurturing the outer world as well as our inner world, to honour the relationship between us and plants.

Through ceremony of sensory herbalism, tea tasting and meditation we will be getting to know the herb Rose. Taking our time to connect with its powers as a medicine on a physical and spiritual level.

We will then continue our journey with Rose by embodying its properties in a Hatha yoga class, softly opening the heart space to nurture a sense of connectedness with ourselves, nature and the rest of noisily!

Its time to nurture our inner herbal wisdom buried in all of us, to slow down and connect deeper to the nature that belongs inside and outside of us.

Daisy is a qualified hatha-vinyasa yoga teacher. And spends a lot of time growing and preparing herbal medicine on land in Portugal.

Couples Shamanic Soundscape

Couples Shamanic Soundscape – bespoke sound healings with Jenna Alexandria

Sunday 1130 – 1215, 1230 – 1315 | UNITE | £80

Tailor made to the individual requirements of each couple, Jenna opens the space with a guided mediation and some breath to allow people to fully bring their presence into the space. Then using a combination of gong, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls and shamanic instruments, Jenna takes you on a journey through the cosmos

Sound healing drops you into a meditative / theta state where through the body’s own wisdom and the different frequencies, the energy that is in the body transmutes and transcends offering healing for the receiver.

2 sessions available, please BOOK HERE

Elemental Circle

Elemental circle – a journey through the elements with Bobbie Bowden, Om Shanti Alchemy

Friday 17:00 – 19:15 | UNITE

Join us for an explorative journey through the elements in a circle setting. We will meditate, share thoughts and infuse oils with herbs from the elements and intentions. A free-flowing, laid back session which includes oracle card pulling, herbal tea and welcoming open discussion.

Write from the Heart

Write from the Heart with Alison Powell

Sunday 900 – 1100 | UNITE

In this writing workshop Alison invites participants to tune into their hearts and to use movement and words as a way to liberate their inner wisdom. She will guide you to connect with your intuition and will offer prompts and provocations to inspire new writing – this might take the form of a letter, a poem or short piece of memoir. You are likely to leave with a deeper sense of connection to yourself.

Here’s a little feedback from previous participants: “I can’t tell you how incredibly lovely and perfect the session was for me! I’d made a pledge to myself that this would be my year of healing and this workshop was the absolute perfect start to that. I honestly cannot fault it.” Rosie

Alison founded WriteClub in 2013, and has since facilitated workshops, courses and retreats for writers around the globe. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa and won runner-up prize in the Bridport Award for New Novels. Her fiction has been published in various anthologies, pamphlets and magazines and has been listed in numerous competitions and awards. She is also a yoga teacher and Master Practitioner of NLP and has a particular interest in the conversation between movement and writing. @hellowriteclub