Silent Mandala Painting Workshop - Noisily Festival

Silent Mandala Painting Workshop

Kundalini yoga is a tantric practice for connecting with your soul, expanding in awareness, brightening your inner light and uncoiling toward your greater potential. It is a means by which to experience your infinite nature in the present moment.

We work with pranayama, asana, mantra, mudra and meditation to circulate life force energy, removing obstacles and healing energetic blocks in the body as it goes – blocks which may be memories or imprints from this lifetime or those inherited from ancestors.

Increasing both the sensitivity and resilience of the nervous system, we open up to a vaster range of perception and projection, in ways that may seem extraordinary. We can then listen with more clarity to the inner guidance of the soul and intentionally recode our bodies to be in alignment with our desires – amplifying what’s already flowing well, and harmonising what’s needed to support you in your life purpose.

We develop strength, flexibility and coordination, and improve the function of our organs and the balance of our nervous and endocrine systems. We nurture intuition, access states of deep meditation, stimulate powerful detoxification and much more. 

The classes are open to all ranges of experiences.

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