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Creatives of Noisily – Kimatica Studio

We interviewed some of our Creatives of Noisily to reveal the personality and inspiration behind the art… 

Introducing: Kimatica studio

What is your involvement at Noisily this year?
We are showcasing our laser shows “Andromeda” at Noisily main stage on Friday and Saturday, as well as our director Maria Almena is doing a performative lecture at the Mind-Body-Soult on Friday at 19h.

If you are a partnership or collective how did you meet?
We’ve meet at art university and have been created together since then.

What inspired you to work in events? And who was your greatest inspiration?
Our signature experiences offer transformative possibilities to a contemporary audience, inviting them to explore the limits of their bodies, the depths of their imagination and the edges of their subconscious mind. We hide our technologies to enhance the sense of wonder and encourage our audiences to question different realities. Working in Glastonbury festival naughty areas was our biggest performative inspiration.

Where is your dream place, for your work to be exhibited?

Tate tanks. We’ve worked with Tate before but never performed at the tanks

What were your first events you worked on and what was the experience like?We worked at DIY underground art events in London as well as festivals. It was wonderful to have all the freedom and support of the community. It taught us what real community is.

Where did you learn your craft? and what are your qualifications?
We both have fine arts BA/MA, but we are self-taught in interactive technology and performances.

What is your favourite piece that you previously created or worked on?

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