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Creatives of Noisily – Maria Linares Freire

We interviewed some of our Creatives of Noisily to reveal the personality and inspiration behind the art… 

Introducing: Maria Linares Freire

What is your involvement at Noisily this year?
I will be designing the Colonnade of Superstition.

What inspired you to work in events? And who was your greatest inspiration?
My work is inspired by the geometry hidden in nature, how everything is united by almost invisible threads that connect all. I have so many inspirations, but Leonardo Da Vinci was a true icon for his multiple talents and the knowledge that he behold.

Where is your dream place, for your work to be exhibited?

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, I would love to see my work suspended in the air while reflecting on the surface.

What were your first events you worked on and what was the experience like?
The first events that I worked on were art exhibitions and art fairs. It was a great experience as I got to meet other artists and gain insights about various different art forms.

Where did you learn your craft? and what are your qualifications?
I am a self taught artist, I always had a passion for geometry and nature that has become the core of my work. Being curious, imaginative and perseverant has raised the level of my creations.

What is your favourite piece that you previously created or worked on?
I truly enjoyed painting a mural on Waterloo Arches. It was the biggest commission I have ever done and it was a real thrill to have a 7 x 5 metre artwork decorating central London for one year.

What are you working on at the moment?
As fine arts, I have been researching and painting a large mural dedicated to science, from physics, cymatics, biology, microbiology…it’s a tribute to all the amazing things that help life to thrive.

I have been working on the 5th Issue of, a review of poetry, science & art where I am the editor for the arts. For first time we will have printed editions in French and English published in April 2023. I am looking forward to this!I am also one of the artists of, a truly exciting project of polymath co-creations that took my art to space in March 2023.

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