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Joey Dean – Natural Symphony

We interviewed some of our Creatives of Noisily to reveal the personality and inspiration behind the art… 

Introducing: Joey Dean – Natural Symphony

What is your involvement at Noisily this year?

I am an artist called Natural Symphony, I make music, visuals and installations controlled by the bio-rhythms in plants and trees, and this year at Noisily I am bringing my Enchanted Forest installation, an immersive, interactive experience controlled by the forest itself, there will also be some tree controlled

techno performances and plant controlled sound healings across the weekend too. I’m Suuuper excited.

What inspired you to work in events? And who was your greatest inspiration?

I have always had a big passion for immersive AV performances, for me its very transportive, and as an artist the visual side allows me to create the scene for the story of the music. Bicep and Max Cooper do this very well and have been big inspirations for me over the years I’ve seen a number of their AV shows and they always create such an amazing space within their performance, it really takes people some where else.

Where is your dream place, for your work to be exhibited?

This year i’ll be traveling to record plants and trees in the Amazon Rainforest and perform at Burning Man festival, both of which have been goals I’ve been working towards for years now, a very exciting year for me this year

What were your first events you worked on and what was the experience like?

My first real paid gig with the plants was at the Royal Chelsea flower show, I got to display an installation and perform for BBC1 with Woody Cook, it was a really fun experience and had the opportunity to meet at show my work to some more familiar faces including Calvin Harris and Zoe ball.

After this, things started rolling for me and led to bookings at Glastonbury festival, the Barbican Theatre, Earth theatre, Wilderness festival and more, it was a great way to kick start the project and I am extremely grateful for that experience.

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