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We interviewed some of our Creatives of Noisily to reveal the personality and inspiration behind the art… 

Introducing: Paul Muncaster.

What is your involvement at Noisily this year?

I will be showing 2 of my sculptures.

What inspired you to work in events? And who was your greatest inspiration?

I’ve always loved making art and being creative. I have gone to festivals and gigs for many years and I am always inspired by the art installations and visuals, wishing I could do something similar of my own. The Arcadia sculptures and stages always impress me!

Where is your dream place, for your work to be exhibited?

I would love to make a sculpture for Glastonbury or Burning Man festival.

What were your first events you worked on and what was the experience like?

I started off working as a gallery technician for a gallery in Bristol called Spike Island, which is a creative hub in the city. It was very varied as I worked with artists to exhibit their work, from video and sound installations, to more traditional work. I got to be creative and work with lots of amazing artists being part of an incredible team of people and the wider Spike Island community. The work was hugely varied and the quick turn around of exhibitions and events meant that it was very busy meeting
deadlines but also lots of fun and very rewarding.

Where did you learn your craft? and what are your qualifications?

I have a BA in fine art specialising in sculpture from UWIC, since then I have had various jobs in the creative industry. I have worked painting theatre sets, planning and installing exhibitions in galleries in Bristol and London and have fabricated art works for other artists. I am currently a technician on the fine art course at UOG helping students make
their work and spend the rest of my time making my own sculptures.

What is your favourite piece that you previously created or worked on?

My favourite exhibition that i worked on was a sound installation – Cevdet Erek’s Alt: Üst at Spike island. There was also an incredible live performance during the exhibition by Empty Set. Check them out. Of my own work, it’s the hyper cube net that i installed at Noisily last year, it was the first time that i have shown my work at a festival and it was such an incredible experience.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am making a large sculpture for Noisily. it is inspired by the new logo and is to celebrate their 10 year anniversary.

What excites you about exhibiting at Noisily?

Coney woods was such a beautiful site and i’m so glad I got to experience Noisily there. I am excited and honoured to be asked back again. I am really looking forward to the experience as a whole, seeing the festival come together, realising an ambitious project and watching people engage with it. I cant wait to party with everyone.

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